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Youth Programming

SMRUC has an active and engaged youth community who are not only significant members of our community, providing leadership and volunteering their time, they are also involved in our wider community, including participating and offering leadership at regional, national and international events. 

Junior Youth

Ages 11-13

The junior youth of SMRUC gather to talk and build community. They explore how the Christian Faith can be lived out in their lives. This group often takes on God’s-love-in-action projects, such as making music videos and raising funds for social justice work. We welcome the junior youth to their time together at 11am during the Journey Worship service.

Children at School
Senior Youth

Ages 14-18

The conversation continues as the Senior Youth use multiple mediums to explore the world and how as Christians we respond. They are a strong voice in SMRUC’s ongoing commitment to Affirming ministry. Exploring other faiths, justice issues and more, they are a place to look for information of United Church youth retreats and find some the of brightest young leaders in the SMRUC community.  We welcome  the senior youth during the 11am Journey Worship service time.

Youth Band

Grades 7 and up

Our youth have amazing talents, and music is certainly one of them. Our youth band meets Tuesdays to build community and practice. They prepare music for worship and other events. No musical experience is required, but if you have an instrument or want to sing on mic or add movement to our songs, we welcome you! Drums, guitar, piano, bass, trumpet, cello, singers, shakers, sound makers, we welcome you!

Group Hug
Regional Youth Activities

Grades 7 and up

Our youth are also active in leadership and participation in youth events and activities in our Region, including things like TYG - Traveling Youth Group, and youth events like ALF and Zeebu. 

Fun with Guitar
Youth Group

Grades 7 and up

Our youth community meet Tuesday evenings, right after youth band. Here we move our faith into action, taking part in community projects, exploring our connection and responsibilities to creation, and having fun. 

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