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Renting Space

Our space is available to rent for gatherings large and small, and for regular meetings, or one-off events. For details and more information please contact our church office at (204) 257- 0678


The Hall


This multi-purpose space can seat up to 125 and is great for flexible meetings, performances, or active groups. 



  • Seats 125

  • Flexible space with chairs, round tables and square tables. 

  • Stage including full sound and stage lighting. 

  • Digital projection

  • Recording and Live streaming

  • Directly connected to the kitchen

  • Easy access to washrooms 

  • Easy external access



Cost to rent can be negotiated based on the use.  General event includes use of chairs and tables. 

Additional Services

  • Digital projection, basic Sound and lighting.

  • Advance sound and lighting (includes projection, requires staffed support)

  • Live streaming (requires staffed support)

The Junction


The junction is an open space between our two main spaces (the Hall and the Sanctuary). This is a great breakout space for meetings, a prep or greeting space for larger events, or a space to hold small meetings and gatherings. It is not a private space, and if the building is well used there can be lots of traffic by this space. Chairs and tables can be added in multiple configurations. 



  • Open, configurable space able to take chairs and tables, or just for standing room. 

  • Good for breakout, prep, greeting or small gatherings. 

  • Good access to all spaces, outdoors, reception desk and kitchen. 


Cost to rent can be negotiated based on the use.  General meeting includes use of chairs, tables. 

Additional Services

The Junction can be included if added on to other events, but must be part of the  booking. 

The Sanctuary


This place of worship is often used for concerts or other large presentation-style gatherings. It seats over 300 in pews, with a raised chacel area, choir loft and dedicated foyer. Technology includes projection and sound including hearing assistance. 



  • Seats over 300 in fixed Pews with a central aisle

  • Dedicated large entrance foyer

  • Access to the Junction

  • Projection and sound, including hearing assistance

  • Pipe Organ and Choir loft. 



Meeting or event rental include use of sound system and can be negotiated based on the event. 

Additional Services

Pipe Organ (requires additional conversations)

Note that use of the sanctuary for worship services must be done in conversation with the ministry staff and must be consistent with the the ethos of SMRUC and The United Church of Canada. 

The Kitchen


A great prep kitchen that can provide service to the Hall and the Junction. Fully stocked with service for over 200. Includes a central island for prep work and easy access to all amenities one would expect in a large kitchen. 



  • Glasses, cups, plates, cutlery to serve over 200. 

  • industrial dishwasher

  • Large stove

  • Pizza oven

  • Large prep areas

  • Some carafes and coffee service 

  • Pass-through service access to the Hall.

  • Easy external access. 



Can be rented on its own or as part of another package. For light service can be included in another rental at no additional charge. 

Additional Services

  • Light service includes general use, cups, basic cutlery etc, no use of ovens.  

  • General Service includes full use including ovens.

Note that renters are expected to leave the kitchen clean. Any extra cleanup required will be charged an additional fee.

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