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Why we give

The work and ministry of St. Mary's Road United Church is supported by the members of our congregation. We give because we believe that the work we are doing matters to our community and to the world. Through our giving we support  ministries like our foodbank, we provide space for local community groups to gather, we support United Church and partner ministries in the city like One Just City and Agape Table,  and we support agencies across the globe through the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada. We also support the worship life of our church, teaching the stories of faith to our children and youth, and exploring the complexities, challenges, blessings, and call of our faith in worship and in our small groups. 

What we give

We give of our time and our money. Often the gift of time is easier to talk about than the gift of money. What we choose to give is a personal decision, and we are blessed to have folks share from time to time about what they give and why. Giving is not a requirement to be part of the church, and the amount you give is not a reflection of you devotion or dedication to the church. That is always held in tension with the fact that the church, and our ministries, only exist because people give generously. We recognize our abundance and the gifts we have been given, and we give out of that abundance, considering our own circumstances and means. If you'd like to have a conversation about what to give, please contact our ministry staff. 

Ways to give


Donate directly through Canada Helps. Setup one time or reoccurring donations. 


Donation through Pre Authorized Remittance. An easy process for regular ongoing donation via direct withdrawal. 

Offering during church services. There is never a need to give, but there is an opportunity during worship to do so. 

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