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Volunteer Job Description

Leadership Team

Updated January 2024

The Leadership Team at SMRUC is the group tasked with carrying and guiding the vision and direction of the Church. They represent the concerns of the whole Church and diligently and prayerfully guide the Church to fulfill its mission. There are 9 elected people, 3 chosen at each AGM (usually February) who server 3 year terms. The group then select a chair, vice-chair and other roles. This group is the official board of the church as defined by the United Church Manual (yes, we have a manual - see section B.7 if you are really interested!)

This group meets monthly for prayerful reflection, conversation, and decision making. Meetings generally online or hybrid to accommodate busy schedules. Some in-person meetings and special meetings are required based on the conversations needed. 


  • Attend regular meetings of the leadership team (usually monthly) and special meetings as may be required though in-person and online meetings.

  • Maintain relationships with members and groups in the congregation.

  • Maintain specific relationship with assigned groups as a liaison.

  • Actively contribute to conversations and decisions.

  • Support and advocate for the decisions and direction with the Church.

  • Attend church services and events regularly.


Time Commitment
  • 1-2 hours per month prep for meetings

  • 3 hours monthly for the monthly meeting (~11 meetings per year)

  • 3-4 hours monthly for intentional liaison and connecting

  • Regular church/event attendance.


  • Member of St. Mary’s Road United Church

  • Comfortable contributing to big picture conversations in constructive ways

  • Comfortable balancing competing interests

  • Able to participate constructively and openly in challenging and sometimes difficult discussions

  • Comfortable with email and video communication



As a member of the LT there are eight other elected members that can support you in your work. The team makes decisions together and there is lots of room for safe conversation. There are always experienced members on the team since members are elected every year and serve a 3 year-term.


The Manual of the United Church provides details and processes for the operations of a church and the church board. There is formal and informal support from other levels of the United Church in case of complex, challenging or difficult situations.


The LT is advised and supported by other members of the congregation including the Past Chair, Treasurer, Chair of Pastoral Relations, Ministry Staff, and others as needed.


  • Contributing to our Church community

  • Helping set the direction of the Church

  • Formal board experience

  • Formal leadership experience


For more information or to discuss if this may be a place to offer your gifts and skills, please contact the minister or chair or vice-chair. 

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