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Volunteer Job Description


Updated January 2024

The Treasurer of St Mary’s Road United Church (SMRUC) is a volunteer who supports the financial health of the congregation through budgeting, reviewing financial statement, consulting on financial decisions, and supporting the regular financial operations of the congregation. The congregation currently contracts a part time bookkeeper/accountant to perform the monthly tasks for maintaining the accounting books and records.  The general ledger is maintained in Quickbooks and the donations receipting is maintained in Churchwatch. 


  • Review the monthly financial statements and general ledger reporting

  • Work with the contracted bookkeeper/accountant on any corrections required

  • Prepare a summary of monthly financial results to be submitted to the leadership team

  • Attend regular meetings of the leadership team (usually monthly) and special meetings as may be required though in-person and online meetings to discuss financial matters and provide advice and guidance. 

  • Prepare an annual budget in January in conversation with (and approval by) the Leadership Team.

  • Attend the Annual General Meeting (usually in February) to present budget for adoption. 

  • Prepare annual financial statements to be included in annual report

  • Ensure completion of the annual charity return for submission to CRA

  • Work with the church's financial institutions on renewal of term certificates based on SMRUC’s requirement for cash flow

  • Ensure bookkeeper/accountant completes annual donation forms for congregation members

  • Ensure proper T4/T4A slips are prepared (our payroll service prepares employee's forms)

  • Ensure payroll service provider is provided change in employee rates after annual budget approved

  • Deal with any US banking transactions regarding international support programs

  • Assist bookkeeper/accountant in completion of annual Statistical and Information Return

  • Provide assistance to Stewardship program by way of financial information or statistics.

Time Commitment
  • 5 hours per month in review, oversight and support. 

  • 1-3 hours monthly for the monthly leadership meeting (~11 meetings per year. The treasurer does not need to attend the full meeting). 

  • 10 hours in the January/February timeframe for budget creation. 

  • Regular church/event attendance.


  • Member of St. Mary’s Road United Church

  • Comfortable contributing to big picture conversations in constructive ways

  • Able to participate constructively and openly in challenging and sometimes difficult discussions

  • Comfortable with email and video communication

  • Hold an accounting designation (CPA) or be qualified by having worked in an accounting role for a number of years.


The contracted book keeper performs the regular administrative functions required for the financial operation of the church. The church's office administrator is also available for support. These staff both have familiarity with the work and requirements. The previous treasurer is available for conversations and consultation. There is also support regionally and nationally for treasurers, as well as support from treasurers at other churches. 

  • Contributing to our Church community

  • Helping set the direction of the Church

  • Formal board experience

  • Formal leadership experience

  • Formal financial leadership experience for a small and non-profit organization. 


For more information or to discuss if this may be a place to offer your gifts and skills, please contact the minister or chair or vice-chair. 

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